Kiko Milano Glacial Light Sifter Foundation

I have to say, this foundation was the most difficult foundation I’ve worked with so far. This purchase was one of those purchases where reviews didn’t matter because I wanted it.

But I’m not regretting it because I will make it work somehow…


The Glacial Light Soft Sifter Liquid Foundation is a limited edition foundation from The Artist collection at Kiko Milano Cosmetics. I’m pretty new to the Kiko brand; I’ve only…like two posts on the brand and this is the first time I’m trying out their foundation. Gawd, it’s so pretty.

The foundation is housed in a…tub. Pics to come soon. The foundation itself is 0.47 fl oz, so, less than the usual 1 fl oz in liquid foundations. The screenshot I have of the foundation from the website, I think, doesn’t show all that the foundation is. If that makes sense.Ā Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 11.11.13 AM

This is all the website shows and for me, that’s not enough. There is so much more to know about this foundation. But I guess that’s the purpose of this blog post. The jar is plastic but there is some heft to it. The bottom portion of the jar is clear so the product is visible.


I have this foundation in shade 02 – Warm Beige 30. I found it really difficult to try and shade match myself to the limited shades offered. So, I was really glad when my cousins and I went to the mall and found the Kiko store. The website doesn’t offer much in terms of swatches, unfortunately. Also, I didn’t think to swatch all the shades in store for this blog post. >_____< I do remember that Warm Beige 60 (the second to last shade) was definitely 1-2 shades darker than my skintone.

When you open up the jar, it is sealed. That little circle thing on the underside of the lid fits into the foundation sieve so that the product doesn’t move or get messy. Which is really good since I tend to shake up the jar before I use it. I found that if the product isn’t shaken up, it tends to separate within the jar.


And here’s what it looks like. There is a scent – fairly heavy. To me, it smells like a facial lotion. I happen to like the scent so I don’t mind it. The texture is very light since it is a water-based foundation. I have never tried a foundation that came in a jar before, especially in a sifter jar, so I was pretty clueless when it came to application. I will tell you all my mistakes, so, just in case you come across a liquid foundation in sifter form, you’ll know what to do.


There were no instructions on the box, so I was a little confused on how to apply this. Fingers – don’t work. Damp sponge – don’t work. A dense buffing brush works the best. If you use your fingers or a sponge, the foundation will sit really badly on your skin; like very badly.Or in the case of the sponge, that will just soak up all the product. Take your time when buffing this foundation on your skin. If you have texture on your skin, I highly suggest wearing a smoothing primer underneath.


The shade (Warm Beige 30) fits me very well. I used this foundation, on and off, for about two weeks. I’ve also used this with and without primer – both applications work fine.


This is how Warm Beige 30 looks on my skin. It looks really great from afar. But up close, it looks like a mess to me. When I look at my skin up close, it settles into fine lines and clings to dry patches, gathers really weird on my skin (with and without primer). The coverage is super, super light. In the photo, I have about 3 layers of the foundation on and it doesn’t look that bad.



This foundation doesn’t wear off, which is great, but if you do touch your face or rub it in anyway, the foundation will come off – even with powder on. Speaking of powder, when it’s set with powder, the dry patches and the settling on the nose looks better than without. I’ve worn this for about 10 hours, each time, during my testing days. After 6 hours of wear, I’m an oily mess. I don’t feel oily, but I definitely look very luminous. This foundation also doesn’t completely dry down. It still feels a little tacky even with a powder on top.

Overall, I’m a little iffy on this product. I want to love it because I hyped it up for myself but with its faults, I might relegate this foundation for blog purposes only. Or for when I’m going out for errands. If you’re interested in this product, Kiko Milano still has it up on their website and retails for $15 USD.





Tell me your thoughts!

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