Teradia TD Emulsion Serum: a first impression

20160630_145433AKA why-doorbells-exist-and-why-the-door-should-be-opened-when-a-delivery-person-is-at-the-door. This product was sent to me by Jolse for a completely honest review.

This product took the longest time to get in my possession. I won’t go into too much detail but here are the key points:

  • doorbell rings
  • brothers ignore the door
  • doorbell rings (day 2)
  • brothers ignore the door (day 2)
  • I notice there’s a slip on the door handle about a delivery
  • Mention to brothers about the next day’s delivery
  • I go off to my internship and text brothers about delivery
  • doorbell rings (day 3)
  • brothers ignore the door (day 3)

Due to a little confusion, I drove all the way down to the DHL facility to pick up my package (because DHL doesn’t deliver after 3 delivery attempts) and here we are at last. My review of this is a little rushed but I want to give this product a fair shot and don’t want to…half-ass anything, if that makes sense.

Packaging deets are all in Korean so, I can only guess these are descriptions about the product, ingredients, and expiration dates.

Thankfully, a little booklet is included in the box that goes over the science behind the brand and it’s range of products.


Teradia TD Emulsion Serum is a 2 in 1 solution product, which functions as both emulsion and serum.

TD repair complex has over 1 trillion nanodiamonds and thanks to its special FSD (Fast Surface Diffusion) system, you only need a small amount of Emulsion Serum to experience the power of TERADIA.

Camellia japonica seed oil, sorbitol, argania spinosa kernel oil, allantoin, calendula officinalis flower oil will help skin’s moisture balance.

Glutathione, niacinamide, panthenol and centella asiatica will bright your  skin tone and add glowing feature to your skin. Skin lightening, anti-wrinkle dual function cosmetic.

Since I’ve received this product, I’ve used it at twice a day (morning and night) on my T-zone area (mainly forehead and cheeks and nose). It’s very lightweight, moisturizing, and sinks into my skin quickly.

A complete cosDNA analysis can be found here. Unfortunately, it does contain mineral oil. I don’t have a good relationship with mineral oil since it did break me out when I used an oil cleanser (check out my Things That Broke Me Out page), so I’m a little hesitant to continue using this product.

There is a light scent when that reminds me of something herbally, however, the scent is really light.


The pump on the bottle might need a little bit of finesse.

On the left, the product is somewhat blended and on the right, the product is completely blended. There is a little tackyness to it but it sets really quickly.

On the left is my face after cleansing and on the right is my face after applying my essence, toner, and the Teradia serum.


My no makeup selfie with the Emulsion Serum XD I can’t say for sure this product works since I’ve used it in such a small amount of time. Also, the fact that mineral oil is an ingredient in this product makes me hesitant to even continue using this product. I want to like it because ~nanodiamonds~. So far, I haven’t seen any pimples pop up while I’ve been using this, but to be very honest, I won’t continue to use this product. I’ve learned my lesson with mineral oil. Even though it may not affect others’ skin, it has affected mine, so I’m not even going to mess with it.

If you’re interested, Jolse has this up on their website + more pictorials on their nanodiamond technology. If you want to buy this product, unfortunately, it’s sold out.

Thanks for reading!




as stated in the beginning of my post, this product was sent to me by Jolse for a completely honest review 🙂


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