How to Make Money with Brush and Powder

Long time, no post! School has been keeping me quite busy, and with my new job and internship, life has been even busier.

On a related note, my love for K-beauty has gotten deeper. But with my lack of funds (I haven’t been paid yet! T-3 days until my first paycheck! Woohoo!), it’s been hard getting around to even stocking up on backups of my favorite skincare products. But now, there’s a new option! Crystal from Brush and Powder reached out to me to let you all know, there’s now a way for you to enjoy K-beauty and make profit! You don’t have to be a student, like myself, to struggle (the real struggles, not the #struggle) and scrounge up some cash.

Screenshot of Brush and Powder’s home page

Brush and Powder is an online website that focuses on beauty boxes and wholesale k-beauty distribution, as well as, selling individuals items through their online shop. Crystal (co-founder of Brush and Powder) wants to help those who are looking for a little extra something to help them financially. With a low M.O.Q (minimum order quantity) of $200USD, Brush and Powder is offering the opportunity to start up your own business with their wholesale prices.

For more information and a list of their wholesale products, email


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