Ipsy November 2016 Un-Bagging!

Here’s a little life recap:

  • My undergrad is almost over TT^TT
  • Currently, freaking out over what to do when my undergrad is finished
  • I got a job 😀
  • I subscribed to two beauty bag subscriptions~

    First bag subscription being Ipsy! I originally wanted to sub to the Sephora Play bag but the waitlist is filled up
    (I signed up for a notification and am impatiently waiting), so I went for Ipsy. This is my first month for the bag. I’ve calculated the retail values of the mini sizes by finding out the price per ounce.

    ’tis a cute zipper.


    One of the spoilers that I read about this month’s bag was that there was a random choice between Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, theBalm Mad Lash mascara, or the Benefit Porefessional. In my case, I received the Benefit Porefessional mini. I’ve tried this product before and I was pretty meh on it. I recently used it today with my Skinfood Peach Sake Pore Serum and omgggg, 9 hours and no oiliness seeping through. It may be my new combo products to combat my oily skin!

    Full size retails for $31 USD for 0.75 fl oz. This mini is 0.01oz and its probable retail value would be: 41 cents.

    The Skone Brow Wand in Chocolate. I’ve never heard of the brand Skone. This is full size and it retails for $18 USD for 0.1oz.

    I like the holographic lettering.

    This pencil was incredibly dry when I swatched *see below pics at the end of the post*. However, it went on smoothly when I applied them to my brows. Chocolate is the darkest shade (there are currently 3 shades to choose from on Skone’s website). I also like the shape of the product; reminds me of the new Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil.

    I also received a mini size of the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner pen. I’ve never tried this but I’ve heard of them brand. Unfortunately, I’ve also heard this eyeliner runs when it comes in contact with water. Poor me because I tend to get watery eyes. I did try this out and yes, it did run. Not as bad as I thought but enough to make me look I worked 8 hours instead of 3.5 hours.

    The full size retails for $16 USD on Ulta’s website for 0.07oz. The mini size is 0.04oz and it’s probable retail value would be: $9.14

    I received the Lasting Smiles Organic Lip Balm in Peach Blossom. I have never heard of this brand before, but I was excited to see a lip balm in the bah because:

    1) I lose my lip balms

    This lip balm is not tinted. It smells like peaches. I don’t necessarily hate the scent but I would prefer something like mint or vanilla. It doesn’t try out my lips either! I know people have differing opinions on the EOS lip balms, but those dried out my lips terribly! This moisturizes my lips for a good couple hours before I feel like I need to apply more. Just a small side note: I rub my lips a lot, so I tend to apply a lot of lip balm.

    This is a full size product a retails for $3.99 (source: here).

    Finally, I received the Elizabeth Mott Lip Lacquer in Red Chili.

    I have not tested this on my lips but I have swatched it and doesn’t seem to stain. It does dry down to a matte finish. The scent is of a regular liquid lipstick scent.

    The full size of this product is 0.17oz and retails for $20USD. The mini size is 0.14oz and its probable retail value would be: $16.47USD.

    The overall retail value of the bag is $48.01 USD. For $10USD (+ tax) per month, it’s an okay bag. I’m already looking forward to next month’s bag 🙂

    Thanks for reading!


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