Rire Lip Powder Swatches + Review

This lip product has had my head reeling ever since I first put it on my lips. Maybe I haven’t taken enough science classes. Maybe I should start looking into more *gulps* chemistry classes.

If you don’t already know, chemistry and I don’t have good chemistry. Is funny? No? I’ll see myself out.

In any case, these lip products will be very different from most, if not all, of the lip products thou reader has ever tried in thine lifetime.

This product was kindly sent to me by BB Cosmetic for my honest review.

I’ve never tried this type of lip product before, so this entirely new to me. I mean, I’ve heard of it but the concept is very new.

The Rire Lip Powders set comes with 4 lip powders and a remover.

Shades include:

01 Orange Pop

Orange Pop on the lips in natural light.

02 Hot Plum

Hot Plum on the lips in natural light.

03 Sugar Rose aka my personal favorite shade

Sugar Rose in natural light.

And lastly, 04 Fashion Red. Also, for some reason, I did not get a label shot of this when I was taking blog photos, so, please excuse the potato quality 😦

Fashion Red in natural light.

The shade selections in the bottles looked very vibrant, however, on the lips they looked a little similar to each other. Especially, 02, 03, and 04. Orange Pop was orange-y enough for it stand out by itself.

Even though the 3 out of the 4 shades were similar, all shades were very wearable. Especially the orange shade. It’s not in your face, omg, it’s so orange. It was more of a subtle orange shade.

Arm swatches because I took them and want to show you all.

Somewhat related, most of the applicators are teardrop shaped, except for 02 Hot Plum.

The applicator is a doe foot that kind of made a little bit hard to apply and I wish they had the same applicator. I like consistency.

This was so weird. It’s a ~genie in a bottle~ (Christina Aguilera? No? I’ll leave) powder in the bottle, but when you put it on your lips, it’s cold and creamy. Which is nothing I would have ever expected.

You know, I didn’t know what to expect. So, this product is just a bag full of surprises.

Which leads me to Surprise #2.

I like taking a look at ingredients. Do I know what most of them mean? No. But that doesn’t stop me from looking at them.

If you zoom in at see all the way at the bottom of the ingredients list is amino acids. That’s right, folks! My Foods and Nutrition almost-degree is finally kicking in on the blog! There are a whooping 17 amino acids in all 4 of the lip powders. Not all of the essential amino acids are in the ingredients (unfortunately tryptophan is missing). Warning: I’m not advising these to be consumed. I would not recommended this lip powders for those with PKU because these do contain phenylalanine. [PSA] Remember, to always read ingredient labels. [/PSA]

I’m not too sure of the purpose for amino acids in cosmetics. I don’t particularly think they are a health risk because, Hi, you can’t escape amino acids. In one report I’ve read lists the purposes of AA’s in cosmetics as follows: hair conditioning agents, skin conditioning agents, oral care agents, antioxidants, hair straightening/waving agents, reducing agents, fragrance, buffering agents, and pH adjusters.

I just think it’s very interesting (and surprising) to see amino acids in the ingredients list. I need to look at more ingredients lists.

In terms of performance, the lip powders acted like a regular lipstick. Through light snacks and water, it held up pretty well. But with food (I had a sushi date with the BF when I tested this), it did not last at all. These don’t tint either, so there was basically no trace of the lip powder ever being on the lips.

Application was easy and hard. The applicators were easy to work with (even with 02’s different applicator) but the smallness of it made it hard. I wish these had a longer handle on them so it would be more easier to maneuver. That being said, with application DON’T BREATHE THESE IN. If anything, hold your breath because powder will get into your mouth and it will not taste pleasant.

On another note, these don’t have a scent. I expected a scent and I honestly feel like, it there was some artificial scent, there could have been some artificial flavoring that would have made this product taste good while applying it on the lips. But, oh well.

These were also neither hydrating nor drying on the lips.

The remover wasn’t anything special in my opinion. These didn’t tint or stain so I didn’t see the need of a lip powder remover. The ingredients for the remover also contain mineral oil – my skin is not okay with mineral oil – so, I just tested it on my hand and it was fine. It removed the product well and left no residue.

Final Thoughts
These lip powders were a bit lackluster for me. I was excited to try them because lip powders?? But their performance ultimately did them in.

Would I purchase if there were more colors? No.

Would I wear these again? For short periods of time (3.5 hours at my research internships 3x a week), yes. For a date? No.

If you’re interested check them out here: here @ Amazon.

Thanks for reading!



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