Noto Cream vs Better Skin Mirakle Cream (Review and Thoughts)

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That’s my face with no makeup. I have some blemishes, uneven skin tone, and pores that I worry about on an almost-nightly basis. I use my skincare routine as a way to target the problems I have and hope that with time, it’ll resolve. For reference, I typically have combo/oily skin, acne prone, large pores, and that’s it.

So, when it comes to creams that claim to fix the skin, I’m skeptical. Because how can one product fix everything? It can’t, but it can try.

In this blog post, I’ll try my best to compare these two creams: Noto Cream and The Mirakle Cream (yes, it’s spelled with a ‘K’).

George, a seller of Noto Cream from Hungary, reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out this product. I figured, “Why not?”.

The box originally came with Hungarian text pasted on top of the English text, but I removed them so I could read everything off the box. I used this for a week.



The Noto Cream is moisturizing. It didn’t absorb as fast as I would have liked, but that’s okay. It smells, herbally, which is reflective of the ingredients. It made my skin feel smooth and soft. Did it help with pimples? Not at all.

In comes, the Better Skin Mirakle Cream. I purchased this with my own money + the help from a coupon from 0.8Liter. I purchased the mini size.

I have never heard of this brand before, but the thought of a miracle cream interested me. This is not an Asian Beauty product, btw. I used this for a shorter length than the Noto Cream, however, during the time I used it was on par in terms of moisturization with the Noto Cream. It also absorbed more quickly than the Noto Cream.

This product claims to be a “genius in a jar”. It also has a very, very long list of claims. Unfortunately, the product I bought didn’t come in a box and the website did not list the ingredients, so I had to find a retailer that listed the ingredients:

To put these two products to the test, I used each product on my face (Noto Cream on one side and the Mirakle cream on the other). I tested out the cream for a total of 2 weeks, nightly. To keep it short; I didn’t like either of them.

They both helped my skin retain moisture but that was pretty much it. In the mornings (after waking up), my oily areas (cheeks, t-zone) felt oily – which, have not felt that way in a long since shifting to an AB skincare routine. I did notice that my face looked a little bit more brighter on the Mirakle cream side than it did on the Noto Cream side but who knows now because I’ve stopped using it. I might bring it back and use it as the last step in my routine but we’ll see. I wasn’t that impressed.

Mirakle Cream

I have been using the Noto Cream a bit longer than the Mirakle cream, but there was honestly no difference with my skin. I became disheartened and began using it on other places on my body (ex: itchy skin, after shaving, etc). For those purposes, the Noto Cream was perfect.

I also began experimenting with the Noto Cream on my dad’s hands which are very, very dry. Like, you can peel the skin off. His hands are very rough, and I kid you not, overnight his hand were way softer than the night before. It’s not baby butt soft, there are still some rough/scaly patches on his hands, but it’s a huge improvement. I should note that I am extremely generous when applying the cream to his hands.

Noto Cream

Would I recommend these products? Not really. If you have really dried out skin, rough and scaly, I would recommend the Noto Cream. I am not too sure what else would “fix” my dad’s rough hands and we’ve pretty much tried everything. The Noto Cream currently retails for $30USD for 5.2oz.

For simple hydration, I’d go with the Mirakle Cream. It retails for $34USD for 1.7oz. I am sure there are better products out there that do what you want for your face and cost less.

I’m a little disappointed these creams didn’t work out for my face, but I guess they’ll perform better when applied on my body.

Thanks for reading!



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