Etude House Double Lasting Foundation in Amber

If you’re me, then you may have had a “problem” at some point in your makeup life when you had more foundations that you could finish.

I mean, you’ve scaled back but…there’s still…some….In any case! Etude House came out with their Double Lasting Foundation, I was pumped. I had heard it was a dupe for Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation, and while I’ve never worn that one before, I like matte foundations. I couldn’t help myself.

Etude House originally came out with 5 shades and added 3 new shades! I chose the shade Amber (darkest) because I never fit any of the other shades, like, ever. I’ve never been matched at MAC before but I can only guess that I’m an NC 30-35 (please check out My Shade References page to see what else I match!).

To be honest, this doesn’t even look that dark…

Box info about the foundation.

The foundation is housed in a glass bottle with a pump!

Thank goodness for a pump 🙂 The cap kind of fits a little loosely, but it doesn’t come off. There’s no satisfying click noise when you push the cap down to signify its closure. Oh well.

Here’s the shade. Looks very yellow and might be a good match!

Here’s my naked face.

And here’s my face with the foundation! I applied 1 layer.

The color looks a little light in this lighting (indoor, natural light). I didn’t wear a powder or primer (!) when I wore this out for around ~8 hours.

Here’s another pic of it in artificial lighting (my hand for reference).

Apologies for no outside, in the sunlight pics. I was in a hurry to get to work and then to my internship place right afterwards. I’ve asked my bf how it looks and he said it looks natural.

Here’s how it looks after 8 hours.

As you can see, I’m shiny and my pores are a little visible but my bronzer held up pretty well! That’s a win in my book. While I think the shade match is a little light, I can work with it. Right now, I mix this in with my NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in St. Moritz to get a shade that’s slightly dark.

I would definitely use this with a primer to help my pores and the shininess as well as a powder, if you’re combo/oily like myself. I don’t touch up my makeup at all throughout the day, so I try to make sure my bases are covered when I leave the house. I don’t have the time for reapplication, anywhere.

Overall, I like this foundation. I would keep using this. If you’re interested, you can find this on Jolse or RoseRoseShop (where I bought mine). Oddly enough, the official Etude House website doesn’t have the new shades in stock.



L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion in N3.5




AKA when the Western makeup world wants to make a cushion compact too. 

I was incredibly hesistant to purchase this cushion foundation, partly because I am very partial the Laneige BB Cream (shade Medium). I’m pretty familiar with Korean cushions and this is not very…close. It’s a good try though.

The hype around cushion foundations is so real. At least for me, it is. I’m always on the lookout for new cushions, especially if they fit my complexion. I figured since this cushion has a lot more shades than Korean cushion compacts, I would give it a try + I had a ridiculous coupon that dropped down the price. #neverpayfullprice

So, I must say, this isn’t like a Korean cushion filled with skincare benefits. This is basically their Lumi foundation poured into a compact. There’s no SPF, btw, so I’d suggest putting on some SPF before applying this.


As you can see, the cushion is packed with foundation. The holes in the cushion are large – too large for my liking. The packaging itself is plastic. There’s no resounding snap when it’s closed either. There’s also a foundation-y scent but it doesn’t smell that bad. Or maybe I’m just used to foundation smell.


SO MUCH PRODUCT DDDDDDDD8. The puff isn’t like Korean cushion puffs either, but really, I don’t know what I was expecting. No skincare benefits, no SPF, my expectations should’ve been lowered at this point but…


This shade a smidge too…neutral for me. I know I picked up N3.5 but in my defense when a coupon’s about to expire and the shade that would fit you isn’t in stock because putas take it all, you fix the shade match with bronzer. It’s a method that always works. ALWAYS.

I feel like the puff that comes with the cushion soaks up a lot of the product. I’ve tried washing the puff and it’s a no-go. It doesn’t get clean like the ruby-cell puffs. And, I must say: DO NOT THROW CAUTION TO THE WIND. I’ve watched tutorials/reviews of YTers using this product and they always tap/press too hard into the cushion. Please. Lightly tap the cushion into the sponge and taptaptap into the skin.


Here’s my bare face. At the time I did blog pictures for this product, I was having a crazy break out on my cheeks, probably from using something that didn’t agree with me. I have to say, my face is looking and feeling much better than 2-3 months ago when this was taken.


Here, the foundation cushion is on the right side (left side for you guys). It kind of matches, but I still feel like if the W4 or W2 shade was available, it would look a lot better.


I had some pimples on my right cheek, so that’s how it looked covered up.


OMFG, more pimples on my left cheek. This was a really bad breakout.


Here’s the cushion foundation all over. Skin is definitely looking more luminous as the name suggests and it does a good job evening out my skintone and covering up my blemishes.


The cheek pimples again…but covered up! I really liked the coverage of this cushion foundation.

Overall…for a Western product, this is okay. It’s a good step into delving into the cushion compact hype. However, it’s just a foundation poured into a cushion. If you’re oily skinned like me, you do have to use a primer before and a powder after to set the foundation and to keep it from slipping and sliding everywhere. For the 3 months, I’ve had this product, it’s now starting to run out. So, this isn’t going to last long, especially if you use this everyday.

Would I buy this again? Maybe. But only if I had a coupon and if my shade was available. This product retails for 16.99USD at Target, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and Ulta. And wherever else you can find L’Oreal products, wherever you live.



In A Month’s Time Series: NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

Is it a new Fall tv show? Nope! Just a thing I made up so I could get the best use out of my makeup stash (aka, I have “too much” so now I need to use it + I’m on a low-buy –> skincare only). I figured this could be a great way to get blog posts in without interfering too much with my school work. + I’d be ‘testing’ out products for a whole month – which is a great time frame to test out anything.

Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz
Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz

I ordered this mini sized TM from Sephora for $16USD (0.58 oz). It’s pretty pricey for a tinted moisturizer that isn’t even a full fluid ounce but given the brand… I’ll take it. And let me tell you, I think it’s worth it. I don’t need a lot to use for my whole face, so this has lasted me for a long time.

Just a little info on my skin; I have combo/oily skin so I do use a primer with this, however, I skip out on the moisturizer since this is already a moisturizer. On a really hot day, I can get oily after 3 hours but one a cool day (I’m thinking…low to mid 60s F), I get oily after the 5 hour mark.

This tinted moisturizer does provide UVA/UVB protection with its SPF 30, however, it’s always a good idea to wear sunblock under your makeup to protect your skin. As far as I know, there’s no white flashback.

Excuse my messy background ^^;; it’s been a busy semester


Aside from its oil control, I love love love this tinted moisturizer! It’s a perfect match for me during all the seasons. It smells wonderful (like lemons!) and it covers just enough for my skin to still look like skin. I don’t use any facial concealer, so if you have any dark marks or dark pigmentation on you skin, this tinted moisturizer isn’t going to cover that. Another note: this hasn’t been breaking me out! Side note: I tried some products that weren’t for my skin type and it was pimples galore! I feel this downplayed the acne that had made a home on my face and if anything, this tinted moisturizer didn’t irritate my skin. So, for those with sensitive skin this may work well for you! PSA: Always patch test and do your research 🙂

As far as its name goes, radiant is right. I look super luminous with this on and I love it! I typically like to add my own glow but since this is luminous by itself (hopefully you can tell by my swatch), I use a really subtle highlighter.

One gripe I have is the packaging. Mine has gotten messier in the past year and… I can only imagine how it would look with the bigger bottle (1.9 ounces). I find it leaks just like the Garnier BB cream I reviewed some time ago. But I can live with it. I’m almost finished with this one anyway, haha. If I had the money, I would absolutely buy the bigger bottle. The shade range is incredible so I doubt anyone would have a hard time finding their shade.

I hope this little review was helpful; and thanks for reading!



Review: Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream in Medium/Deep


I was super excited when I heard Maybelline was coming out with a BB cream targeted for oily skinned gals. The Dream Fresh BB cream is for normal skin type girls and I didn’t want to take any chances and end up with a greasy face using that product.

But I digress.


I’m sure we’re all familiar with how American BB creams are no where near to being the same as Asian BB creams. I still have to buy and test out an Asian BB cream TT^TT. This BB cream is no exception. The only glorifying aspect of this product is its salicylic acid ingredient (which may or may not be a problem, more on that later). I do know that this product, outside of the US, contain SPF while the US version does not. *sadfaiz*

On the upside, this product was pleasantly surprising. The coverage is light/medium and evens out my skin tone very well. I have to say, I bought the wrong shade at first. The medium shade is very pinkish while the medium/deep is more suited for yellow-toned skin. I’m usually a medium in most foundation, a little on the darker side since it’s summer. *sidenote: I’m a MAC cosmetics virgin /)_____(\ so I can’t give you a MAC comparison in terms of skin tone.*

The product is very creamy and a little thick. It’s not heavy but if you accidentally pile on the makeup, it can feel cakey and heavy. On my skin, it feels a little sticky/tacky once I apply it and it takes some time to set. This product also transfers when I plot with an oil blotting sheet or if I accidentally rub my face against a shirt.


This BB cream doesn’t give me a lot of oil control, either. I typically get oily within 3 or 4 hours and this is no exception. I don’t mind however for a product targeted for oily gals, I would’ve hoped for more oil control.

As for the salicylic acid ingredient, I can’t say that it has helped my acne or made my acne worse. I do know that salicylic acid has broken my skin out but I didn’t experience any breakouts with this product.

I do like this product but I hardly reach for this nowadays. /)________(\ mainly because I’m trying to cut salicylic acid out of my skincare life. Overall, this is a nice product to try if salicylic acid doesn’t bother you and if you’re not super oily (like only on the t-zone).

I do believe I picked this up at Walmart for $6-7USD. I rarely see Maybelline coupons but if there’s a sale, definitely give it a try. 🙂

Here are some pictures of the coverage.

Without any product

Dotted on one half of my face

Coverage on left side and nothing on the right side

Thanks for reading!


Review: Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream Shade 2

You know, I never believed to have a dark circle problem until all those late nighters caught up to me.

I do believe my dark circles are fairly light. They aren’t so bad but lately they’ve gotten a little worse for wear.

Me and scary movies don’t mesh. We can’t hang. I get too scared and I stay up all night because I can’t get to sleep. It’s horrible, I know. /littlebaby.

But this concealer has come to my rescue and thank gawd for that!

The Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream comes in two shades. I’m not sure of the shade names, but they’re usually labeled as 1 or 2. My shade is obviously the second shade.

The texture is a little weird at first. It’s not super creamy when you dip your finger in (unsanitary, I know) but once it warms up it’s good to go. That being said, this stuff is super pigmented. You’ll see soon what my under eyes look like, but, OMG. I only need one tiiiiiiiiiny swipe, blend, powder, and boom – done.

The scent, if you haven’t taken a guess, it a little fishy. It smells faintly like salmon. I don’t mind because I can’t smell it on my face. And don’t worry if you think the fishy scent means it’s gone bad. This puppy lasts for two years (granted nothings happens to it – more on that later).

So, the dark circles.


It’s not that bad but it bothers me and the uneven aegyo sal (‘cute fat’ puffy under my eyes) don’t make it any better.

Here, I’ve applied the concealer on my left eye (your right).

As you can see, this definitely brightens my under eye and conceals the uneven skin tone. I definitely look more awake with concealer under my eye.

And here are my eyes after I applied the concealer to my other eye and powder.

I definitely love this stuff. I would buy this over and over again, if I had the chance.

Now, onto the bad news. This isn’t particularly the products fault, but mine. If you don’t follow my Instagram page (please do! @fishscalekisses 😉 ), I mentioned that something happened to my eye. I don’t know what it was, the symptoms all lead to one thing but the days after didn’t really match up to what it was supposed to be. But my eye has since cleared up and I’ve thrown away all suspects and deep cleaned and sanitized all the brushes I’ve used. Unfortunately, one of the suspects included this holy grail. 😦 I do plan on picking it up again sometime in the future. Right now, I have other concealers to give my attention.

Definitely invest in a palette and makeup spatula if you intend to use this product. I’d order this product again but my family is planning a trip in the near future, so hopefully I’ll be able to pick one up there (among other Asian cosmetics 83 ).

Here’s a quick swatch for you to get an idea of the shade.

The shade swatches a little light on the skin, so this product may not work for deeper skin tones. Because of the brightening effect this concealer gives, I definitely wouldn’t use this on blemishes.

This product is unfortunately, available in Asia and on websites that sell Asian cosmetics. I purchased mine from Amazon.

Hopefully, this review was helpful. Thanks for reading!