Etude House Double Lasting Foundation in Amber

If you’re me, then you may have had a “problem” at some point in your makeup life when you had more foundations that you could finish.

I mean, you’ve scaled back but…there’s still…some….In any case! Etude House came out with their Double Lasting Foundation, I was pumped. I had heard it was a dupe for Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation, and while I’ve never worn that one before, I like matte foundations. I couldn’t help myself.

Etude House originally came out with 5 shades and added 3 new shades! I chose the shade Amber (darkest) because I never fit any of the other shades, like, ever. I’ve never been matched at MAC before but I can only guess that I’m an NC 30-35 (please check out My Shade References page to see what else I match!).

To be honest, this doesn’t even look that dark…

Box info about the foundation.

The foundation is housed in a glass bottle with a pump!

Thank goodness for a pump 🙂 The cap kind of fits a little loosely, but it doesn’t come off. There’s no satisfying click noise when you push the cap down to signify its closure. Oh well.

Here’s the shade. Looks very yellow and might be a good match!

Here’s my naked face.

And here’s my face with the foundation! I applied 1 layer.

The color looks a little light in this lighting (indoor, natural light). I didn’t wear a powder or primer (!) when I wore this out for around ~8 hours.

Here’s another pic of it in artificial lighting (my hand for reference).

Apologies for no outside, in the sunlight pics. I was in a hurry to get to work and then to my internship place right afterwards. I’ve asked my bf how it looks and he said it looks natural.

Here’s how it looks after 8 hours.

As you can see, I’m shiny and my pores are a little visible but my bronzer held up pretty well! That’s a win in my book. While I think the shade match is a little light, I can work with it. Right now, I mix this in with my NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in St. Moritz to get a shade that’s slightly dark.

I would definitely use this with a primer to help my pores and the shininess as well as a powder, if you’re combo/oily like myself. I don’t touch up my makeup at all throughout the day, so I try to make sure my bases are covered when I leave the house. I don’t have the time for reapplication, anywhere.

Overall, I like this foundation. I would keep using this. If you’re interested, you can find this on Jolse or RoseRoseShop (where I bought mine). Oddly enough, the official Etude House website doesn’t have the new shades in stock.



W.I.N Beauty Kit November 2016 Un-bagging

If you haven’t read my IPSY November 2016 Un-bagging, then you missed out on how I got a job and how I’m spending all the moneys. not really, I’m trying to budget.

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Noto Cream vs Better Skin Mirakle Cream (Review and Thoughts)

**any links found within this blog post are NON-AFFILIATED.**

That’s my face with no makeup. I have some blemishes, uneven skin tone, and pores that I worry about on an almost-nightly basis. I use my skincare routine as a way to target the problems I have and hope that with time, it’ll resolve. For reference, I typically have combo/oily skin, acne prone, large pores, and that’s it.

So, when it comes to creams that claim to fix the skin, I’m skeptical. Because how can one product fix everything? It can’t, but it can try.

In this blog post, I’ll try my best to compare these two creams: Noto Cream and The Mirakle Cream (yes, it’s spelled with a ‘K’).

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Rire Lip Powder Swatches + Review

This lip product has had my head reeling ever since I first put it on my lips. Maybe I haven’t taken enough science classes. Maybe I should start looking into more *gulps* chemistry classes.

If you don’t already know, chemistry and I don’t have good chemistry. Is funny? No? I’ll see myself out.

In any case, these lip products will be very different from most, if not all, of the lip products thou reader has ever tried in thine lifetime.

This product was kindly sent to me by BB Cosmetic for my honest review.

I’ve never tried this type of lip product before, so this entirely new to me. I mean, I’ve heard of it but the concept is very new.

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Ipsy November 2016 Un-Bagging!

Here’s a little life recap:

  • My undergrad is almost over TT^TT
  • Currently, freaking out over what to do when my undergrad is finished
  • I got a job 😀
  • I subscribed to two beauty bag subscriptions~

    First bag subscription being Ipsy! I originally wanted to sub to the Sephora Play bag but the waitlist is filled up
    (I signed up for a notification and am impatiently waiting), so I went for Ipsy. This is my first month for the bag. I’ve calculated the retail values of the mini sizes by finding out the price per ounce.

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