All products reviewed, swatched, or mentioned are purchased by me (Lorraine). The opinions expressed in my reviews and blog posts are my own and are not intended to be offensive to anyone. Products that are recommended should be used with caution as some products may or may not work for the others as they did for me.

Any links, websites, etc I provide will have a disclaimer indicating whether or not a post is sponsored. In regards to product sent for review, my reviews are completely 100% honest.

Any prices I mention in my blog posts are the prices in my area (San Diego, CA) and will not the be same in other areas. Please check your local stores to get an idea of the price range in your area.

This is my personal makeup and beauty blog, therefore all pictures and content are written and edited by myself, unless stated otherwise. I do not in any way shape or form, alter the images on my blog (other than watermarking my photos). I try to use natural light as much as possible and do not utilize Photoshop or any form of image editing service to alter my skin’s texture or appearance. We’re all human, we all have pores, and we all have fuzz. Embrace it 🙂


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